The 5 Best Tweezers of 2024, Tested by Our Experts

Brow Artist Jimena Garcia says, “hands down, Rubis are the best.” She notes that Rubis tweezers are made from surgical steel, a type of stainless steel that’s less likely to rust. The pair earned a perfect score for its sturdiness, with many testers praising its comfy, tension grip. “[It] feels good in that it bounces back nicely in your hand,” one tester said.

Its long, slender design also makes the tool easier to grip and pinpoint fine hairs. Keep in mind that these run sharp, so use a steady grip and be careful when using them close to your eye area. Tweezerman edged out the competition in performance, ease of use and satisfaction. “They grab even the finest hairs and made removal incredibly easy,” one tester wrote. What’s more, Beauty Director April Franzino called it her go-to, as it “seems to stay sharp forever.” Coupling a sturdy build and a comfy grip, these tweezers help nix the pinching when nabbing stray hairs.

  1. These tweezers are also great for extracting splinters, thorns and shards of glass.
  2. They considered whether the design of each tweezer was effective for maneuvering around brows and gripping individual hairs — we collected nearly 4,000 data points from these surveys.
  3. Combine that with the extra wide grip and ergonomic design and you have a unique and highly useful set of tweezers.
  4. Made in Italy from high-quality stainless steel, with the brand’s signature matte black finish, we’re also big fans of the sleek and elegant yet sturdy design.

You won’t be buying a new pair every few years just to get a better grip on your hairs. Over a week of test plucking, the Tweezerman Slant pair outperformed pairs from cheaper brands. Their sharp tips open and close widely with little resistance, making the motion of getting under a hair to pluck as easy as it can be. For tweezes on the go, stash this mini set that includes both slanted and pointed tweezers for your travels. It’s a marvel for quick touch-ups on days when you notice unwanted brow hairs in the bathroom mirror, says GH Textiles Product Reviews Analyst Grace Wu.

Our tester liked the small, sleek design of these tweezers and said they’re easy to grip and maneuver. While we don’t really have anything negative to say, they just didn’t wow us like some other pairs we tried. Our tester said these pluckers are on the smaller side, so they might not be ideal for folks with large hands. Still, she found them easy to use and perfect for detailed hair removal, noting that she didn’t need to use much pressure or force. Unlike traditional tweezers, the TickEase detaches ticks from your skin safely and effectively. Plus, this double-sided tool allows you to remove ticks from either the humans or the animals in your family with just one tool.

Joey Healy Pro Sculpting Tweezer

It also will make it easier to grip and remove everything from hairs to small objects like glass, splinters, or thorns. Tweezer tips can be sharp, so it’s important to protect yourself from being poked when searching for them in your kit. Consider looking for options that come with protective covers (like our Best Overall pick, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers). These coverings are designed to fit over the sharp point of the tweezers to prevent injury and ensure that the tips don’t become dull after repeated contact with other tools in your stash.

Tweezerman Slant Tip

Not only are these tweezers available at an affordable price point, but they also offer precision and a nice sharp point, which is needed for removing even the smallest of slivers. They even come with a protective sleeve, which is ideal if you plan to just toss them in your first aid kit. This will keep them from getting damaged as well as protect your fingers if you are rooting around for something else in your kit.

These handy tweezers feature perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips that efficiently grab ahold of errant hairs or foreign objects every time you use them. The tweezers have a wide finger grip, which keeps your digits comfortable mahifx review is mahifx a scam or legit forex broker while plucking. “This type of grip could prevent finger cramping during longer tweezing sessions,” she explains. The stainless steel material is also durable yet lightweight to eliminate any tension while pulling stray hairs.

Usage of traditional tweezers

She also liked how the shaft is wider in the middle with silicone finger grips to prevent slipping and cramping during longer tweezing sessions. And while they may not be ideal for removing shorter hairs, our tester said they made eyebrow plucking quick and painless. René de la Garza, a celebrity brow artist and esthetician, says stainless steel tweezers are ideal.

She found they were able to grip hairs effortlessly and pluck them before she even felt a pinch. This pair of tweezers also comes with a little cap to cover the point when you store them, which we love. Despite the smooth surface, this tweezer was highly grippable, and it never slipped out of our hands during testing. The warm pink-ish tone adds some playfulness to the design, and overall, this is a highly effective pair of tweezers. The lightweight design is easy to grip, and although the tips feel sharp, they’re a little too abrasive for delicate areas. The design, size, shape, sharpness, grip, and features of the tweezers were carefully evaluated.

In fact, they come with protective caps for storing these tweezers after use, which is important since dropping these tweezers could impact their sharpness and alignment. And with such a limited warranty, you don’t want anything to happen to these tweezers before you have gotten your money’s worth. Instead of the traditional taper that tweezers usually have, an arched-claw will provide some more leverage by allowing you to better see what hairs you have trapped. This style can be especially useful when tweezing harder-to-see areas like around the bikini line or harder-to-see, short or light-colored hairs.

How do you reduce pain while plucking eyebrows?

“They firmly grasped each hair without damaging the surrounding skin,” one tester commented. “Tweezing was completed quicker and easier than with previous pairs. ” The slanted tweezer even impressed our brow expert, who found them the best at grabbing the tiniest hairs. Some online reviews noted that the tip ran thick, so you may not get as much accuracy with these. After taking these tweezers for a spin, she was impressed by how well the wide, slanted tips grabbed and extracted multiple hairs at once without pulling on her skin. They aren’t made of stainless steel, but the metal is coated with diamond dust—whatever that means—and offers durability along with a firm grip.

Made with high-quality stainless steel, all three tweezers work in just about any situation. “These are effective on all hair — short, long, thick, and thin,” the tester explains. Plus, these tweezers boast the same quality and features that all Tweezerman products do. For instance, the hand-filed tips are well-aligned and set at the perfect angle for working against the surface of your skin.

So, it’s not surprising that the tips of these tweezers are hand-sharpened and easy to maneuver, ensuring you can remove any object without losing any control. When it comes to purchasing tweezers, most people need both a slanted-tip pair and pointed pair—especially because the two types are used for different purposes. That’s what makes the Tweezees Precision Red Stainless Steel Tweezers so ideal.

Not only do they guarantee strength and durability, but they also can help ensure that your tweezers maintain their perfectly-aligned tip. Plus, stainless steel is also a hypoallergenic material making it ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin or who have a nickel allergy. The only downside is that the tips are thin and sharp, so you need a steady hand to use them safely. If you are shaking, have hand tremors, or have lost some mobility, this may not be the right set of tweezers for you. Not only are they made to last, but they also help you take the guesswork out of removing tiny fragments from delicate skin without injuring the user.

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